8 Feb 2012

Bunohan Tewas Di Rotterdam

Seperti mana dalam posting yang LALU, Bunohan dijemput untuk menyertai IFFR - International Festival Filem Rotterdam 2012 daripada 25hb Jan. - 5 Feb. 2012 tetapi malangnya gagal meraih sebarang anugerah.

3 Pemenang utama Tiger Award adalah :




Bagi NETPAC Award, penghargaan untuk Sinema Asia dimenangi oleh :



Keputusan penuh dan trailer DI SINI

Malahan Bunohan hanya mendapat tempat ke 126 dari 164 filem yang bertanding bagi UPC Audience Award dengan 3.313/5 markah. Walau bagaimanapun filem Indonesia The Blindfold (by Garin Nugroho) di tempat ke 116 dan Hugo mendapat tempat ke 2 bagi anugerah pilihan penonton ini. Keputusan penuh UPC Audience Award DI SINI

Walau apa pun, tahniah kerana Bunohan telah terbang jauh ke Eropah.

Programmer Note by Gertjan Zuilhof about Bunohan :

Dain Said is best known for a film that no-one has seen: Dukun (2007). A genre film (murder, black magic) based on the true story of the singer Mona Fanley (the magic lady) and the politician Datuk Mazlan Idris (exponent of the Malaysian elite). The release of this controversial film has so far been prevented. I asked Said for a DVD, but he says even he doesn’t have one. I didn’t pursue it, because who am I to get a filmmaker in trouble for his film?

Said says that Dukun was his first film or, as he puts it, Bunohan is really his first film because Dukun was never screened. If we follow this reasoning, then Bunohan should be programmed in the Bright Future section, but I would suggest that a mature film like Bunohan by such a substantially and technically mature filmmaker as Said is more at home in Spectrum.

After a series of short films in the 1980s, Said made the experimental short mockumentary Surabaya Johnny in 1990. I wondered what happened between 1990 and 2007, the year of Dukun. There are filmmakers who realise their whole oeuvre in such a period. In any case, Said acquired the reputation of being a prominent commercial director in that period. We often lose talented directors to commercials, so it is a good thing if a chastened and experienced director returns to cinema from time to time.

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