14 Aug 2013

Penanggal di PiFan 2013

Diambil dari website PiFan. Festival berlangsung daripada 18 -28 Julai 2013.

"PiFan's objective is to highlight horror, psycho-thriller, sci-fi, and sexual themed films which are all marginalized in Asia. From its launch, Koreans have labeled these films at PiFan as "genre films." Although PiFan has received a lot of backlash from conservative Koreans, it not only persevered, but it has been crowned the biggest genre film festival in Asia. It doesn't stop there. PiFan is continually making improvements for the fan experience"

Filem Penanggal oleh Ellie Suriati ditayang dalam section World Fantastic Cinema dengan judul Inggeris Curse of Malayan Vampire. Penanggal diberi rating 2.75 oleh website rasmi tersebut.

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